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"We appreciate the time you have spent assisting us with our sales tax matters and educating our staff on the proper application of sales tax regulations. We have recognized the need in the past for help in this area but didn't know where to turn for the help we needed. We feel that you and Mike have the expertise to fill this the results have confirmed it."

Don, VP

New England Heavy Industrial Contractor

Your recommendations on procedures and records management will undoubtedly save our company many thou presently and in the future. It is not often companies can find someone of your capabilities in our market area.

R.K., President

Concrete, Asphalt & Aggregates Manufacturer

Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examinations


Tax Abilities' professionals have a unique set of skills to analyze the risks confronting your organization and recommend controls to reduce and prevent problems from occurring. We audit complex financial transactions, resolve irregularities and provide expert testimony on investigative matters.

What is Forensic Accounting


Forensic accounting or auditing is an area of accounting that focuses on investigating, gathering and analyzing data to be able to present the results in a coherent, understandable, nontechnical way.

What is Fraud Examination


While Forensic Accounting focuses on gathering and presenting data in a nontechnical way, Fraud Examination focuses on gathering and presenting data to prove or disprove fraudulent activity.

What is a Risk Assessment


Risk Assessments are intended to identify and address clients' vulnerabilities to their internal controls. The results are used to assist organizations in identifying internal and external business risks and developing a risk response plan.

Who needs this info…

  • Industry

  • Nonprofits

  • Educational Institutions

  • Legal & Accounting Firms

What may be discovered...y be discovered...

  • Duplicate vendor payments

  • Ghost employees or vendors

  • Unauthorized employee purchases

  • Diverting assets

  • Inventory theft

  • Misappropriated accounts

Why is this info needed…

  • To Assess Risk

  • To Prevent Loss

  • To Protect Assets

  • To Recover Assets

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