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"Lisa did some work for us on some tax issues that proved to be very beneficial to DEE (Downeast Energy). She recovered a substantial amount for our company. We were so pleased with the results that we engaged her for additional tax work following her first project. She is very professional, knows the laws pertaining to our industry, and knows her way around the Maine Revenue Services arena!"

John Peters, President (Retired)


Michael helped us with a review of our property tax returns. Despite my initial skepticism I figured I would give it a shot since there was nothing to lose except a little time gathering documents for review. It turned out to be the right call, Michael saved us thousands of dollars and the whole process was very painless.  I would highly recommend Taxabilities services. 

Ryan Adams

AVP of Finance, TruChoice FCU


We are a team of tax professionals helping businesses throughout the country with the frustrating complexities of state and local taxes. Our clients trust us with all their state and local tax matters – sales tax, fuel tax, excise tax, property tax - we are the one they call. 


Our professionals have first-hand knowledge and experience as previous Maine Revenue Services audit managers, making them uniquely skilled at reducing clients’ tax burden - this know-how is  what makes us successful.

Through the years, Tax Abilities' expertise at managing sales and fuel tax audits, analyzing and structuring transactions to minimize tax and performing systems analysis has resulted in a stellar reputation of quality and effective service. As a result, our clients now seek our help with reporting abandoned property, reducing fuel consumption and auditing for misappropriated funds.


The intricacies of how to prepare for an audit, structure a transaction to minimize tax, or identify and capture overpayments are our specialties.


We will reduce your tax burden, put money in your pocket and give you 


Lisa Ptak - Founder

Prior to Tax Abilities, Lisa was a Maine sales tax audit manager responsible for establishing sales tax policy and procedures, as well as administering the tax laws. During her career at Maine Revenue, she also held the postion of Administrative Hearings Officer. In addition, Lisa is the only Maine Revenue employee, past or present, that was an intern with the Multi-state Tax Commission located in Washington, D.C. This rare opportunity provided her with participation in the Streamlined Sales Tax Project (SSTP), completion of Nexus School, and she co-authored “The Nexus-Unit Start-Up Guide” used by taxing jurisdictions to establish nexus units within their revenue departments. Lisa's breadth of knowledge is depended upon by clients, accountants and legal professionals throughout the country.


Michael Ptak, MBA, CFE - Founder

Prior to Tax Abilities, Mike was a Maine fuel tax audit manager responsible for establishing fuel tax policy and procedures, as well as administering the tax laws. Notably, he coordinated fuel tax policy with Maine Revenue's Executive Director, the Governor's Chief of Staff, and Maine Energy Marketers Association to present recommended law changes to Maine's Taxation Committee. In addition, Mike represented Maine Revenue at IFTA meetings and was FTA Governor of the New England conference. These opportunities provided Mike with lasting relationships and experience that has greatly benefited our clients. Currently, Mike handles clients' fuel tax issues as well as their excise and property tax matters. Because Mike is extremely knowledgeable in his specialty and is an effective communicator, he has successfully reduced fuel tax audits by several hundred thousands of dollars. In addition, his uncanny ability to determine that a client is overpaying taxes has resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars.

Mike attained an MBA in Forensic Accounting (summa cum laude), as well as a Certified Fraud Examiner designation from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). In addition to his tax expertise, Mike performs Business Risk Assessments and Vendor Reviews for organizations in various industries.


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