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"Lisa has provided sound and timely advice regarding sales tax issues... She was instrumental in developing proceedures for our out-of-state locations. Her knowledge, capabilities and drive are impressive."

V.W., Manager

Global Pulp & Paper Company


"Lisa is a thorough professional. She knows the tax laws and applies them aptly. Her service is timely as is her communication skills. She is fair and honest in her situational assessments and billings. I would not hesitate to hire her."

Ron F., Tax Manager

National Electricity Producer

Need An Experienced Tax Manager?

Outsourcing, whether it be project based or stepping into management shoes, we’re here to help – been there, done that and continue to do it successfully!


Our knowledgeable and experienced team provides exceptional value and we’ve proven that our service and level of expertise is far less costly and more beneficial than employing additional staff. Not only have we had a positive impact on the bottom line, we’ve helped clients reduce their work load so they can focus on essential activities.


Our combined qualifications and experience with multi-state sales and use tax, excise tax, and motor fuel tax allows us to assume the roles and duties of Audit Defense, Tax, and Fleet Managers for clients in various industries. In these roles, we lead and work collaboratively with all stakeholders; plan, compile and analyze data; gather and interpret all pertinent state, federal and local rules and regulations; ensure compliance through formulating and establishing sound policy and procedure; direct and evaluate projects, including software implementation and tax matrices; manage audit examinations and minimize risk; and liaise with state authorities, legislators, and industry association executives. All the while working closely with you and your in-house staff to support, advise and assist with day-to-day matters, so that we are all working toward the same goal.


We believe our unique work history, knowledge of your industry and ability to personalize our services to meet your needs are unsurpassed and will exceed your expectations!


To learn more, read a few of our case studies and then give us a call…

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